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Emergency Entery to Canada with a DUI

Most of us have received bad news at one point or another in our lives. It could be a medical emergency of a friend or family member, a death in the family, or an upcoming funeral or memorial service. Quite often news like this arrives unexpected and requires immediate action. If you have an emergency justification to visit Canada, you will still require special permission if you have a criminal inadmissibility like a DUI on your record. It may not be enough to tell the officer at the border or port of entry your reasons for coming to Canada. In general, having the proper documentation that corroborates your reasons for visiting will help satisfy the officer that you have a valid emergency justification for entering Canada. The worst case scenario is going to the border unprepared and being turned away when time is of the essence.

Even if you are not visiting under emergency pretenses, you may have immediate family in Canada that you may need to visit on short notice. You may even have pressing business in Canada that you need to attend to. Again, telling the officer your reason may not be enough. Documentation such as letters of invitation or a letter from your employer may be necessary to prove that what you are saying is genuine. Having a DUI on record, the onus is on you to convince the officer that you are not a threat to Canada. This doesn't only apply to Americans, but Canadian Permanent Residents as well. If you are a Permanent Resident with a recent DUI charge and you exit and later attempt to re-enter Canada, you could also be found criminally inadmissible as well.

Regardless of your reasons for coming to Canada on short notice; it is always a good idea to be informed of what to expect at the border or port of entry. Maximizing your chance of success is crucial, especially if you are required to visit the country to attend to an emergency situation. Whatever your DUI or driving while impaired history may be, our team of Canadian immigration lawyers and consultants can help you put your best foot forward. When the circumstances are severe and time is of the essence, let us use our experience and knowledge to help you successfully enter Canada.