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Driving Through Canada to Alaska with a DUI

Whether you are a Long Haul Trucker taking a shipment from the continental U.S. up to Alaska or an Alaskan resident who wishes to drive down and visit family in the southern States, having a DUI arrest or conviction on record can wreak havoc with your plans. It is possible to simply fly to or from Alaska from the continental U.S. and avoid being screened at the Canadian border, but some people have no choice but to travel by car, especially if you are transporting a lot of cargo. If you arrive at the Canadian border and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer asks you about your criminal history, you will need to disclose your DUI which may result in a refusal of entry.

Further complications arise when you consider that a city like Juneau, Alaska can only be accessed by land if you drive through Canada. When you need to transit through Canada and have a DUI on record, you should first take steps to apply for special permission. This can be done by submitting a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) application at the border or at a Canadian Consulate before traveling. If a TRP is granted, you will be able to drive through Canada and avoid any embarrassing situations or possible denial of entry to Canada. There is also the possibility of applying for Criminal Rehabilitation if you have completed the terms of your sentencing for your DUI over 5 years ago. This can be submitted to a Canadian Consulate and if granted, permanently removes your need to obtain special permission to enter the country. The downside to Criminal Rehabilitation is it takes much longer to process (up to 1 year in some cases).

Overall, the success rate of people who apply for a TRP so that they may transit through Canada to or from Alaska is relatively higher. If you want to ensure that you are well prepared for your trip to Canada, contact our team of Canadian immigration lawyers and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants today!